About the Photographer

I’m a commercial, travel, and portrait photographer based in Manchester, NH. 

From looking through old photo albums, to bringing countless disposable cameras on trips and gatherings (not to mention the talented artists within my family who serve as inspiration), photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started on a point-and-shoot around middle school and by the tenth grade I was given a beginner DSLR that I took with me just about everywhere – birthdays, sporting events, hikes, band performances, you name it. Over time, I began to take on projects from clients and collaborate with artists on photo shoots for album covers, fashion spreads, and so forth. It was around then when I fully realized my love for visual arts. I could take something I already enjoyed as a form of documentation and combine it with an artistic, delicate approach to create really sensational imagery.

Movement, slow living, and storytelling – these are a few concepts that inspire me when I’m behind the lens. I have a fondness for small details, for all of the individual elements that make up a bigger idea. Where humans tend to be very visual interpreters, photography continues to blossom into more than just a way to preserve memories. It’s a form of expression, research, and promotion. It’s a way to share and learn.

My photos really have become a form of communication for me when words are lacking. In the upcoming year, I’m looking forward to various travel plans in which I will be focused on expanding my landscape, wildlife, and astrophotography portfolio.

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